SATREPS DREAM Area-BCM Project Organizes Successful “Area BCM 101” Webinar

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Bangkok, Thailand – On March 23, 2023, the SATREPS DREAM Area-BCM Project organized a successful webinar titled “Area BCM 101” to introduce the audience to Area Business Continuity Management. The webinar was presented on an online platform in Thai moderated as MC by Yanisa Bhisitcharoentat. 20 participants attended this webinar from various institutions and organizations.

The main objective of the webinar was to disseminate the project’s work and knowledge regarding Area Business Continuity Management and promote academic activities such as the Risk Disaster Management program. The webinar was divided into three sessions, each covering different aspects of Area BCM.

The first session, “BCM: Key for Resilience,” was presented by Ms. Krongsin Somprasonk, Ph.D. Candidate from Bangkok Bank. Ms. Krongsin presented the overall perspective of the global disaster which affects the business. Moreover, Ms. Krongsin also shared the valued experience of business continuity management framework to the audience. 

The second session, “Introduction to Area-BCM,” was presented by Ms. Kunruthai Meechang, M. Eng, Ph.D. Candidate from Nagoya Institute of Technology. Ms. Kunruthai presented the audience the concept of area business continuity management, also highlighted the benefit of Area – BCM as it will support the companies to implement the risk and disaster management and corporate with various stakeholders efficiently. 

The third session, “Area-BCM Implementation,” was presented by Assoc. Prof. Natt Leelawat, D.EngMBCI, from Chulalongkorn University. Assoc. Prof. Natt presented the fruitful implementation of implementing Area – BCM into the interdisciplinary area: Community Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis, Disaster Risk Analysis and Evaluation, Industrial Area Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis. As mentioned, these will be the crucial knowledge to contribute the toolkit to mitigate the risk and strengthen the Area- BCM implementation. 

The presentations from each presenter were well received and went smoothly. The attendees asked questions reflecting their interest in Area-BCM and their desire to implement the knowledge gained in their work or studies in the future. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the webinar, and we extend our appreciation to all the attendees for their valuable participation.

The SATREPS DREAM (Area-BCM) Project is a joint research project between Japan and Thailand under the SENDAI framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The project is schemed to launch a sustainable economic growth platform through disaster resilience enhancement at Industry complexes in Thailand and input to ISO/TC292 by the year 2023.


Written by Phongnarin Sukcham

Checked by Assoc. Prof. Natt Leelawat, D.Eng.