SATREPS Area-BCM Project Facilitates Productive Company Visits in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand

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August 23, 2023 – The SATREPS Area-BCM project embarked on a significant step in its journey as project representatives visited esteemed companies in Ayutthaya province, Thailand. The primary objective of this visit was to introduce the project to these companies and provide insights into the executed activities, with a particular emphasis on the strategic workshop centered around Area Business Continuity Management (Area-BCM).

Professor Kenji Watanabe, the project investigator, along with his dedicated project team members, commenced the series of visits with a call to Teijin Cord (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The gracious welcome extended by Mr. Shinichi Takahashi, President of the company, and his team set a positive tone for the engagement. Following President Takahashi’s welcoming address, Professor Watanabe initiated a comprehensive presentation that delved into the project’s inception and expounded upon its journey in enhancing the realm of area business continuity management. The ensuing discussions witnessed a seamless exchange of insights and opinions between the employees and project members. Notably, employees expressed genuine interest in the Area-BCM workshop, recognizing its potential to bolster the company’s Business Continuity Plan and overall management strategies.

Subsequently, the project delegation continued its itinerary with a visit to Nippon Steel Thai Sumilox (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Here, Mr. Nobuyuki Minami, President of the company, and his team extended a warm reception to the project representatives. The discourse initiated with an examination of the feedback garnered from a prior Area-BCM workshop that the company had participated in back in April. Nippon Steel Thai Sumilox highlighted the workshop’s transformative impact on their approach to contributing to the broader Business Continuity Plan, drawing from immersive scenario practices and constructive discussions among diverse participants. Furthermore, the dialogues between project members and company representatives encompassed the prospect of collaboration with various entities, including industrial parks, government sectors, and other corporations. This strategic collaboration aims to foster enhanced communication channels and elevate the collaborative spirit within the ecosystem.

The SATREPS Area-BCM project extends its sincere appreciation to all the visited companies for their warm hospitality and engaged discussions. These valuable exchanges not only contribute meaningfully to the project’s ongoing development but also serve as pivotal building blocks in fortifying our project’s implementation. The project team eagerly anticipates the cultivation of strengthened relationships and envisions a future marked by fruitful collaborations.


Contributed by Phongnarin Sukcham

Photos by Kullachart Prathumchai and Phongnarin Sukcham