Successful Collaborative Meetings Foster Key Partnerships with IEAT Hi-Tech Ban Wa and DDPM Ayutthaya

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Ayutthaya – December 14, 2023 – SATREPS Area – BCM is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of impactful meetings with key stakeholders, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Hi- TECH (IEAT Hi-Tech Ban Wa) and Thailand Department of Disaster Prevention & Mitigation, Ayutthaya province (DDPM Ayutthaya), held on Thursday, December 14, 2023.

IEAT Ban Wa (Hi-Tech) Highlights:

During our visit to IEAT Ban Wa (Hi-Tech), SATREPS Area – BCM research members engaged with directors, engineers, and staff to explore crucial project details with cordial welcome from Mr. Dissapon Yimklib, Director in act of IEAT Ban Wa (Hi-Tech) and Mr. Somnuk Sansomboonsuk, Project Manager of Thai Industrial Estate Corp., Ltd. Here ate comprehensive update to the meeting members, and key highlights include:

  • Prof. Kenji Watanabe, from Nagoya Institute of Technology, also the Project Investigator, presented an insightful overview of the project, with a specific focus on the upcoming Area-BCM workshop scheduled for January 2024.
  • Addressing concerns raised during the meeting regarding workshop specificity, IEAT Ban Wa has identified a designated contact person with prior experience in the Area-BCM workshop, offering valuable insights garnered from past sessions.
  • Mr. Shingo Suzuki from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED) showcased the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) toolkit, generating significant interest from IEAT Ban Wa and positioning them as potential key users of this innovative project.


DDPM Ayutthaya Highlights:

The interaction with DDPM Ayutthaya resulted in a positive and fruitful meeting and cordial welcome from Mr. Krit Kaewthonglang, chief of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation office in Ayutthaya with expressing keen interest in Area – BCM implemented work’s initiative. Key highlights include:

  • DDPM Ayutthaya raised valid concerns about the project’s economic value, sparking a discussion on leveraging the BIA toolkit presented by Suzuki sensei.
  • The potential application of the toolkit through smartphones for accessing information resonated with DDPM Ayutthaya, envisioning its incorporation into evacuation exercises.
  • With the current focus on a community survey (Item 0), DDPM expressed openness to collaborative support, emphasizing a shared learning opportunity. This collaboration aims to explore the integration of tasks with economic and business continuity aspects, drawing on support from the community, companies, and the public.

These successful meetings have not only strengthened our relationships with IEAT Ban Wa and DDPM Ayutthaya but also paved the way for collaborative initiatives that align with our shared goals. We extend our gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and support.

The SATREPS DREAM (Area-BCM) Project is a joint research project between Japan and Thailand under the SENDAI framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The project aims to launch a sustainable economic growth platform through disaster resilience enhancement at Industry complexes in Thailand and input to ISO/TC292 by the year 2023.


Written by Phongnarin Sukcham
Photos by Kullachart Prathumchai