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What is SATREPS Area-BCM Project (DREAM)?

Overview Detail of SATREPS Area-BCM Project (DREAM)

Structure of SATREPS Area-BCM Project (DREAM)
SATREPS Area-BCM Project (DREAM) is divided into 4 research items, categorized by teams of experts who participated in this project.
Item 0 is concerning with Community Survey and Disaster Impact Analysis.
Item 1 involves with Disaster Risk Analysis and Evaluation.
Item 2 is about Business Impact Analysis.
Item 3 is the creation of Area-BCM and its expansion.
Teams of experts who associated with each research items are shown in the chart below.

Structure of SATREPS Area-BCM Project (DREAM)Current Progress of SATREPS Area-BCM Project (DREAM)
The project starts with the implementation of Area-BCM system on Rojana Industrial Park as a testing site. Then, after the successful test, the next phase of the project is to implement the system at Hi-Tech Industrial Estate and Bang Pa In Industrial Estate. After that, the system will be generalized and standardized by ISO standard, which will become the standard framework for other Industrial Estates.

Current Progress of SATREPS Area-BCM Project (DREAM)